A poem simply sounds the bell, of that which words could never tell.


There is none other,
Sister, Brother,
Watching now
From out those eyes,
There is none other,
Father, Mother,
All of life
Within you lies,

And none who question
Find that name
In liberty
So unprescribed,
Yet bless├ęd are
To ask the same
In love
So vast and undenied,

There is none other,
Sister, Brother,
Watching now
From out those eyes,
There is none other,
Father, Mother,
All of life
Within you lies.


asmaliana said...

I think this poem about a boy who trying to forget his family but he can't because he will haunted with the memory of him once he was a kid..I think

Ellumbra said...

@ Asmaliana - Hi, thanks for your comment.
It is delightful to see your interpretation - and I see no particular validity in the poem's meaning belonging exclusively to the author's intent.
Feel a welcome here any time.

Dave King said...

I do so agree with your remar to Asmaliana. For myself, I liked the poem although moralistic poems usually put me off. This one is simple and direct.

Ellumbra said...

@ Dave - Hi Dave, hmmmm, yes, maybe poems with a slightly moralistic tone improve with age and are better left for posthumous collections - that way the writer escapes being branded a hypocrite.

Euri said...

Hello Ellumbra,
About my post, it's metaphorical, dear, you are correct. Thank you for visiting me.

I chanced upon your site earlier and went ahead reading your poems. I love your poetry. They're all beautifully written.

ellumbra said...

@ Euri - many thanks - I appreciate that coming from such a wild writing talent as yourself.
Take care - do come again.

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful tim.:-)

Ellumbra said...

@ Drippingmind - How lovely of you, Jane - thank you. It's delightful to see you here again.
Take good care now.

Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Tim, what an absolute joy to have you (or your blog rather!!!) to give this award to!

In case you are not aware of how much I enjoy your poetry and your other writing/comments, please check out my latest post at LESS.

This award, however, is from my other blog: Lucy's Planet Happiness, http://www.lucylopez.net/planethappiness/

Yes, I just happened to have attracted 2 awards in 1 week...(reminiscent in a rather unlikely way of my 3 moves in 1 week!!!!)

So, please go over to Planet Happiness too and read my latest post. And most of all, ENJOY!!!

In love, Lucy

Ellumbra said...

@ Lucy - It is so remiss of me (again) to have left your comment, your wonderfully generous comment, unanswered for so long.
Thank you - I hope all is well with you.

Count Sneaky said...

Yes, of course, it is metaphorical but it is also one interpretation of reality...of consciousness itself. The One Self as in Indian thought is all things and ourselves. Others are really our impressions of them and the reality they bear is their impression of me...thus we create each other. But, seriously, folks...I may just be full of it today! My best.