A poem simply sounds the bell, of that which words could never tell.


Can we piece together again
Our confinement,
From the laughing fragments
Of its shattering?


Mijo said...

it's the truth of life that we humains seek peace and comprehensiveness but always find war and must fight with every breath
such a bountiful question...I don't known but I like to listen again to this "laughing fragments"

Ellumbra said...

Dear Mijo - You have brought sense to the title of this collection - from reading your brief introduction statement about ". . . head in the clouds - feet, sometimes on the ground" - I had hoped that this would be a place of comfort and softness - for those with heads, habitually at similar altitudes - now I see the sense in the title - merci beaucoup, encore.

Peace - clarity - breath - I can dream of hearing such words -sweetened yet more, by an exotic and adorable French accent . . . I thank you so much, for your interest - and for whetting my intrigue about yourself . . .