A poem simply sounds the bell, of that which words could never tell.


Had I but one
Mortal heart,
It now lays split in two,
Pierced by a purity,
A sweet, silken duet,
Of tender lips
And bejewelled soul.
In the mist rising
From the ocean of my dreams,
There she sits,
Upon a dark rock,
Favouring her jet black hair
With an idle combing,
Eyes cast down
At a reflection
Too charmed,
That all who hear
This siren song -
And dare to glimpse
The ivory breast,
The raven cascade,
The cherry-ripe lips,
That distant sunshine bring,
The shimmering
Of a rainbow tail,
As lazily
It stirs the sea -
Will take that final memory,
And two pieces of heart,
To the deep, dark,
Bottomless blue,
The comforting canyon
Of death.

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