A poem simply sounds the bell, of that which words could never tell.


As growth rings the tree,
So for me,
Yet invisibly,
As memory,
And knowledge,
Fused at conception
In a cellular super nova,
Releasing another potent life,
Into orbit,
Around its own sun,
Its own, originating star,
The shining blueprint
Of its own design,
Streaming outwards,
To occupy space,
To dwell as time,
An emerald heart,
With sapphire mind,
Skin tight liberty,
And a furnace of gold,
The only reflection
I behold,
As growth pours in,
And life flows on,
Encircled by the snares
Of knowledge,
And memory,
Is of a light,
That is free,
To live and love,
As brightly,
As its imagination dares.

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